Common Misconceptions about Hair Care

How often to wash hair and get a haircut, what means to use and whether to wear a hat? Let’s try to find out answers to these questions and reveal some common hair misconceptions with My Canadian Pharmacy.

Washing Hair: Frequently or Rarely

Neither one thing, nor another! It is necessary to wash your hair when it is necessary. All people are different and need to wash their hair depending on its type and circumstances. If you wash your hair too often, sebaceous glands cease to produce natural oil, which is so necessary to our hair. And if you rarely wash your hair, dust, dirt will interfere with skin breathing which can lead to dandruff or hair loss. Thus, optimally choose a middle ground and wash your hair in about a care misconceptions

Shampoo 2 in 1

There is no such a thing that would do everything at once! These are advertising tricks of shampoo manufacturers. You need to use shampoo to wash your hair and then apply hair conditioner or hair scales will remain open and will be subjected to negative impact, get dirty quickly and lose their shine. Instead of hair conditioner you can use vinegar which is perfect for this, it will make your hair soft.

Washing Hair with Hot Water

Better warm or cool, water, as well as vinegar or hair conditioner, facilitates closing of hair scales.

The Bigger – the Better

Do not overdo it in chasing beautiful hair. It is important to have a complex of means for hair care routine. Shampoo, hair conditioner, wax for hair ends, thermal protection, means for styling and, of course, hair mask! Use the mask 1 – 2 times a week. And most importantly, choosing hair care products, you must consider type of your skin and hair.

Use a Towel

Do not rub your hair with a towel after washing, it is enough to wet them and wrap in a towel for a while.


Of course, in today’s rush, we can not do without such a thing as a hair dryer. But, if possible, try to dry your hair naturally. After all, exposure to hot air makes hair very dry. If you have absolutely no time, be sure to apply thermal protection to damp hair.

Styling Means are Harmful for Hair

This is not quite true, but on the contrary: styling sprays, mousses, foams contain nutrients and vitamins and can serve as additional food for your hair. Just do not forget to wash them before going to bed!

Wet Hair

Wet hair is the most vulnerable! You should not comb it immediately, go out and even more so braid it. Go to bed with dry hair.

Favorite Hairbrush

It is better to change combs periodically as well as toothbrushes, they accumulate germs. Choose brushes and combs made of natural materials and wash them thoroughly with soap and water more often.


Often wearing pony-tail and other hairstyles is not very good for hair, it should breathe and be free more often. Avoid tight elastic bands, they can disrupt hair structure and cause breakage.

Parting in the Same Place

Maybe you are used to one hairdo and that’s your style, but sometimes, at least at night you need to change the place of parting, otherwise your hair may become thin and even fall out in the place of parting. Moving parting is a kind of head massage.


Cold air provokes spasm of blood vessels, which can not only slow down hair growth, but also lead to hair loss. Be sure to wear a hat when you are in the street. The same thing is with hot weather. Protect your hair from weather conditions. But in the room – «hats off», so that your scalp would breathe.

To Let Hair Grow Means Not to Get a Haircut

You need to visit hair salon every 2 months, not only in order to refresh your hair, but also for hair health. We need to get rid of split ends, haircut contributes to hair renewal.

Coloring, Perming

Remember that hair subjected to coloring or perming, require more nutrition and moisture.

Bathing and Swimming

Swimming in the pool or beach vacation – that’s wonderful. However, chlorinated and salt water has negative effect on hair, dries it and disrupts its structure. Therefore, be sure to wear a hat in the pool during training and after swimming in the sea rinse your hair with fresh water.

Mood and Love

Strange as it may seem, but general psychological condition also affects your appearance. Bad weather, stress, fatigue disturb nutrition, recovery and growth of hair. But joy and love makes hair healthy and care with My Canadian Pharmacy

In general, hair require much care and attention to look healthy and shiny. You may find a lot of means for hair care in our online drugstore – My Canadian Pharmacy, or if you want to take of your hair with natural means only – there are lots of hair care home remedies in the Internet. Today, you can find tips for hair care for long and short , dry and oily hair and many other.