Top 4 Sexual Health Rules A Woman Should Follow

Do you only have safe sex and do not feel discomfort during intimacy? Does this mean that your sexual health is normal? Not always. In order to answer this question positively, you need to know a few important rules.

Top 4 Sexual Health Rules A Woman Should Follow

Sometimes even such trifles as scented bath foam or an inappropriate towel for intimate hygiene can adversely affect a woman’s intimate life. In addition, statistics show that many women, unaware of themselves, are reducing their libido. Do you make similar mistakes?

There are several rules for caring for yourself and your genitals that every woman without exception must know, and which are the basis of women’s sexual health.

What can you do for your sexual health?

1. Regular examinations

Even from school, each of us knows the rule that a gynecologist should be visited regularly. And not only if it is really necessary (due to illness or pregnancy), but also if you are completely healthy.

Do not forget, every woman should visit a gynecologist at least once a year, and better once every six months. It is necessary for the prevention of various diseases, including urinary tract infections.

Besides, you should conduct an inspection of the genitals on your own, using a mirror. This is just as important as visiting a specialist. You may not have the professional knowledge of a “female doctor”, but you will certainly be able to determine the appearance of rashes, specific discharges. If you find something unusual, immediately contact the doctor for help.

A few words about self-medication. Many women tend to independently diagnose themselves on the basis of information from medical reference books and, which is the most unacceptable, to begin treatment. No way you can do this!

Most likely, you will not only treat the disease but also cause even more harm to your health. Always consult a doctor and follow his/her instructions!

2. Proper hygiene

What should you know about proper hygiene? Of course, the most elementary rule is to make hygiene of the genitals in the morning and evening. Another important aspect is the care products you use.

Today, you can buy a large variety of various gels, creams, and other products for feminine hygiene. Which product is better to choose?

Gynecologists advise giving preference to cosmetic products that do not contain fragrances, dyes, and unusual components. The skin of the genitals is very sensitive, and irritation can occur very easily. If you have dryness, itching, redness in the crotch area after applying a new remedy, be sure to discard this remedy.

By the way, the same can be said about foam/oil /bath salts, shower gel. They can also cause irritation of the skin of the genitals. Minimize the use of flavored hygiene products. See the 10 best products for a healthy vagina.

The kind of towel that you use for the genitals is also important. It should be small (large wipe uncomfortable) and as soft as possible. No one except you should use it.

Also, remember that you should not wipe the genitals dry completely. Female genital organs, especially the labia and the vaginal entrance, must be moisturized, otherwise, you will feel discomfort.

3. Intimate cosmetics

Recently, some companies began to produce “special” means of intimate cosmetics. These include talcs, flavors, napkins.

Remember: you should apply these cosmetics as little as possible, only in the most extreme cases (for example, on a trip when there is no opportunity to take a shower).

The manufacturers of these drugs assure that they are absolutely harmless to our health but there is still a risk. Let’s review each of these hygiene products.

  • Napkins for intimate hygiene. Gynecologists do not advise to use them regularly, as they are not able to provide complete cleanliness. In addition, the composition of the liquid with which the napkins are soaked is a powerful irritant;
  • Flavors. Women use fragrances for intimate areas to get rid of the extremely unpleasant smell of the genitals (as they think). But for this, it is simply necessary to follow the usual rules of daily hygiene! In this case, flavors are not the way out, because the skin of the genital organs is hypersensitive to such remedies. In addition, sexologists have proven that men like the natural smell of women;
  • Talcum powder. But scientists have recently learned about the dangers of using this cosmetic product for intimate hygiene. It turns out that talcum powder increases the risk of developing ovarian cancer. Women who regularly use talc are diagnosed with cancer 40% more often than those who do not use talc.

4. Comfortable sex

What else is decisive in the concept of female sexual health? Of course, comfortable sex (in every sense of the word).

During intercourse, women are much more likely than men to experience unpleasant sensations.

The most common cause of this problem is insufficient lubrication. When the vagina and the entrance to the vagina are dry during sex, irritation, and redness quickly appear on the skin. In addition, the probability of infection increases. To avoid this, you need to use special lubricants. Get advice on how to choose the best lubricant for your sex life. Besides, pay attention to preparations that produce better arousal and lubrication in the genital area.

Some women are embarrassed to use these products, but this is not unusual. European women have long appreciated the benefits of Female Viagra and do not consider its use as something depraved or embarrassing. Read this article to find out what happens if a girl takes Viagra.

It is worth discussing other aspects of sex with a partner. For example, ask him what condom he uses. For example, if a ribbed or flavored condom causes you discomfort, ask him to use the ordinary one.

Intimate caresses are also a very important topic. If a partner stimulates the clitoris with his fingers during sex, this should give you pleasure but not cause a desire to remove his hand. Tell him (or better show him) how to do it right. This excites men incredibly!