My Canadian Pharmacy: which Vitamins for Hair to Take?

Modern cosmetic market offers a variety of means and procedures concerning hair care, strengthening, restoration and treatment. To understand their huge range and choose perfect means for hair care trichologist or beautician in the salon will help. But sometimes hair require assistance not only from the outside but also from the inside. In these cases, it is better to know which vitamins are useful for hair. My Canadian Pharmacy decided to describe all possible useful vitamins and elements, that will help to make hair strong and beautiful.

Many women, especially after 35 years old, are interested in which vitamins are useful to take for hair. Along with high-quality cosmetics for hair, salon treatments and homemade remedies, vitamins give visible results: hair roots are strengthened, split ends disappear, hair itself gets healthy look.

Which Vitamins for Hair to Take?

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Having come to realization that hair beauty and health recovery comes from within, we begin to ask ourselves – what vitamins for hair to take? To properly create an effective complex, it is best to seek professional help: trichologist or beautician. Doctor with accuracy of «millimeter» can indicate which vitamins are lacking to your hair, and will set up a program of individual professional care. However, it is always useful to know in advance responsibilities of particular vitamin or group of vitamins. And how they are useful for hair health and beauty.

  • Group of vitamins B (B1, B2, B5, B6, B12, PP, H – biotin) are essential for hair, especially if you want to have hair as thick and long as Rapunzel had. The fact is that these vitamins contribute to hair growth, make them thick and strong, regulate hair oiliness, make it shiny and elastic.
  • No less important is vitamin E (tocopherol). It restores normal blood circulation in scalp, nourishes hair bulb, protects against harmful UV rays, revitalizes and strengthens hair.
  • Vitamin A (retinol) is essential for fashionistas who want to restore health of split and brittle after numerous visits to hairdresser hair. Vitamin A contributes to hair growth and improves its structure, making hair soft and silky; particularly useful for dry and split ends – restores healthy shine and elasticity.
  • Vitamin C – improves blood circulation in scalp, stimulates hair growth, contributes to iron absorption in the body.

Useful Minerals for Hair

However, vitamins, in spite of their usefulness to scalp and silky hair require a very important ally in struggle for beautiful hair. We are talking about trace elements, such as:

  • Magnesium – contributes to hair elasticity;
  • Silicon – is a part of hair collagen, determines its strength;
  • Zinc and copper – improve hair appearance, prevent premature gray hair, prevent baldness;
  • Selenium – protects against harmful effects of environment;
  • Phosphorus gives hair elasticity and rich color;
  • Calcium – involved in hair growth;
  • Iron – makes hair if not iron, than strong, helps to forget about fragility;
  • Iodine – ensures healthy hair, affecting thyroid gland;
  • Molybdenum accelerates hair growth;
  • Sulfur gives hair strength and shine.

Vitamins that are useful to take for hair are almost always a part of effective pharmaceutical vitamin complexes. However, it is possible to significantly enhance and accelerate results, adjusting also your daily menu.

Which Vitamins to Take and what to Eat for Healthy Hair?

Let’s start with the diet:

  • group B vitamins is contained in grains, legumes, cereals, bran, nuts, eggs;
  • vitamin E loves vegetable oils (olive, sunflower, etc.), egg yolk, whole grains, nuts, seeds, green leafy vegetables;
  • vitamin A can be found in butter, eggs, liver, cottage cheese, cheese, carrots, greens, apricots, rosehips, sea buckthorn;
  • vitamin C – of course, citrus fruits, rose hips, black currants, kiwi, sauerkraut;
  • vitamin H – beans, nuts, soy, oats;
  • zinc and copper are contained in shrimps, beans, liver, walnuts and cereals;
  • to replenish iron eat liver, egg yolks and nuts;
  • sulfur is contained in garlic and fish liver;
  • molybdenum is found in cocoa, animal liver and kidneys, peas;
  • silicon is contained in cereals and root crops.

What to take among pharmaceutical preparations:

  • brewer’s yeast – versatile enough vitamins, which have well effect on hair condition;
  • ascorbic acid will bring to your body vitamin C;
  • biotin – these vitamins for hair are marketed under different brands, but have the same composition – vitamin H, which is also called vitamin of beauty;
  • multivitamin complex containing medical yeast, thiamine mononitrate, calcium pantothenate;
  • complex containing walnut oil, wheat germ extract.

vitamins for health care by My Canadian PharmacyIt only should be noted that brewer’s yeast and ascorbic acid can be bought in My Canadian Pharmacy without prescription, but any other remaining pharmaceutical vitamin preparations and complexes must be purchased only after consulting a doctor or beautician.