Hair Care with My Canadian Pharmacy

Why should a Woman have Long Hair?

Why from time immemorial to present day do most girls dream about having long hair, take care of them in every possible way and consider them as their primary decoration, and most men lose their heads when they see women with long silky shiny hair?

On this website you will find comprehensive information about hair care and all related information, which will help to grow long healthy beautiful hair you dream of.

You will discover ancient knowledge about magical power of women’s hair – how they affect women’s health condition, her «feminine» power, what they mean to her man and her family.

You will be surprised what power lies in woman’s hair!

long hair

This website together with My Canadian Pharmacy propagandizes hair care with love and benefits for health.

This is an unusual website, here you will find information on how to minimize damage that causes traditional hair care to its health, how to take care of your hair with safe means and home remedies, how to maintain health of the body – all this for one hidden purpose – to grow long, beautiful, healthy, gorgeous hair!

What you will NOT find on this website is advertised traditional care. Mass market shampoos, hair-dye, perming and other. Taking care of your hair with these means will not allow you to boast beautiful hair.

Journey to long healthy hair requires patience and perseverance, and consists of several steps:

  1. Proper nutrition. Food will give you not only all necessary vitamins and minerals for hair growth, but also help to correct some of disadvantages. Drink plenty of pure water.
  2. Hair care. Hair – is delicate and fragile, and what has been damaged is almost impossible to restore. Therefore, it is necessary to protect hair from hair dryer and ironing, metal ornaments, tight elastic bands and hats, sun and cold, hair-dyeing and perming, and it is very important to carefully treat wet hair. Find proper comb.
  3. Proper and careful hair washing with «soft» clean water. Rinse hair with acidified water and dry it naturally.
  4. Selecting hair care depending on its type will help to solve your problems.
  5. Choosing safe home cosmetics or shampoo protects hair and body from unnecessary chemicals.
  6. Regular homemade hair masks and conditioners work miracles! Here you can find a lot of recipes.
  7. Massage, peeling and aromatherapy and other pleasant procedures will give pleasure to you and your hair.
  8. You can also try different vitamins and minerals for hair by My Canadian Pharmacy. These means will help to maintain balance in your hair to grow it long and healthy.

We sincerely hope that our website will give you all necessary information and will be interesting! We wish you to grow hair of your dream – long, thick and healthy! And we will try to do everything to help you with this – best tips, recipes and motivation!